Accelerated Data Science at Scale with Dask & RAPIDS

Kozai enables you to do powerful research right inside your browser - so you can work from anywhere or any device.

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Why Kozai?

Simple supercomputing power

Powerful computing just got easier. With just a few lines, you can bring up large computer clusters in our cloud for immediate use. No more infrastructure setup or waiting for time on shared HPC systems.

Easily scale for massive data

Go faster. Pre-built workers support common data science libraries in Python and R. You can also opt-in to GPU-enabled RAPIDS workers to accelerate your workload even more.

Support for the latest and greatest tools

Work smarter. Don't toil over software updates, infrastructure management or cost optimisation - just focus on your company's core IP, and leave the heavy lifting to us.s


Data science in the browser, from anywhere

Access your data science notebooks and work from any compatible browser, wherever and whenever you need to. We provide dedicated engineering and data science support so you can get the most out of our product and the tools you use.

Secure & private - you control your data

Keeping your data in your own cloud gives you complete control over your data and avoids accidental leakage from exporting data to laptops.

Self-service, end-to-end solution

Get started with a few clicks, but scale up to use high-performance and GPU-backed compute for training and exploration. Deploy your models to our low-cost, high-scale managed service.

Scale with confidence

Whether you’re the only data scientist or one of many, your needs are going to constantly evolve. As your projects grow in scale in complexity, you will want to remain nimble and avoid taking time out of your, or engineering team’s time, to build and update infrastructure.

Complete visibility and control

Fine grained, real-time usage and billing metrics enable you to stay in complete control of your and your team’s usage. Avoid bill shock by staying on top of your current spend in real-time.

Purpose built for data science

Our tools are built specifically with the modern Data Scientist in mind. We support common data science tools like Pandas, Numpy, and Dask. We provide access via Python packages and a Web UI.